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History is not travelling back in time but it is learning about the beauty of mankind. Imagine, If Harappa was not excavated, the Indus valley civilization would have remained buried forever or if inscriptions were not comprehended, the present would be but an enigma. In a vast country like India, every, inscription, monument, cuisine and city has a history but its lesser known or not thoroughly written about.

The prime objective of this heritage trail is to take you on an extraordinary journey of exploration through trivial details. It will give an insight into the vibrant culture, rich history and distinct food and its evolution into current form.

To know more about Gujarat’s history, we welcome you to join the heritage walk organized by Mr. Naman Ramaiya, your guide cum friend who will introduce you to not only the history but also the craft of the state.

So, ‘padharo’ which in English translates to ‘welcome’.


About Naman Ramaiya

Naman is a state level, Gujarat tourism certified tourist guide who has previously worked with well-known foreign institutions like the Harvard and Frankfurt University and foreign explorers.

His field of work includes expertise in:

  • Art and architecture
  • 2.History ranging across ancient and medieval
  • Pre-historic era(Lothal, Dholaveera and Junagadh caves)
  • Step wells of Gujarat
  • Monuments and temples of Gujarat
  • Modern architecture of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar
  • Heritage walks

He is proficient in his work and has an experience spanning over 6 years. His clientele include foreigners, researchers, academicians, educational institutes and government authorized tourism.

Join us in exploring the motherland of Mahatma Gandhi through a different lens, the sweet-savory Gujarati cuisine will surely leave its taste on your palette and as Gujaratis would tell you,’Phari Padharajo’ which translates to ‘come again’.